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IT Business Analyst, Project Manager/ HR and Innovation Processes

Holder of a double degree in Computer Aided Engineering, I relocated near Geneva (in France) in order to open up new horizons in my career (Freelance and new professional fields). My IT hybrid experiences gave me the possibility to acquire a real strength to adapt myself to a lot of projects, technologies and fields.


My 1st experience, technical one, gave me the ability to understand technical aspects in a project, basics of development and customer support on my developed solutions.

The 2nd one, was a way bigger project, cross-team and country project, innovation project with new technologies and frameworks (NLP, SAFe). I experienced the expansion of this project and our responsibilities regarding the applications.

The 3rd, the one that made me take a more functional turn, a project manager mission in the same company, Orange. Discovery and self-training on a responsible and strategic position, management of 2 teams (de, ops) in hybrid model. Improvement in client relations and needs understanding, monitoring, communication and proposal of new solutions.

The 4th, my last experience as an office, process and ressources manager learn me the rigorous and empirical aspect of Innovation strategies, processes and project environment. Human and material ressources management, support for innovation projects, processes and tools creation and improvement. A way wider job than the previous ones thanks to the liberty to propose and getting involve in the creation, strengthening and indispensability of the Innovation Direction.


Through all my experiences in IT and innovation fields, I feel pretty confident to search an opportunity as a Business Analyst or Project Manager to meet technical and functional matters with a strong desire to continue learning, also strengthen and bringing my knowledge and vision inside projects.

A Business Analyst and/or Project Manager experience could lead me to a position of Product Owner, to be able to focus on product value and market/customer satisfaction.


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Innovation PMO

  •  Alten
  •  Nov 2019 - Juil 2022

As a Project Officer, I had a role of innovation facilitator. To apply, coordinate and support the implementation of the strategy, processes and management tools of the Labs and resources.
During Covid, a huge influx of resources led to department expansion and constant changes.
Continuous, relevant and rigorous processes improvement, intelligent automation and disruptive solutions. Multidisciplinary tasks, experiencing a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Involved or managed tasks :
- Analysis of needs, creation, implementation, control and optimisation of processes and tools relating to resources, both human and material, within the Direction.
- Setting up and monitoring weekly reports and indicators through all our processes for Alten's General Management.
- Creation and empirical development of a resource management solution model (functional profiles, processes, tools and knowledge base, scaling).
- Creation of an Innovation Challenge.
- Animation of technical and scientific communities.

Web consultant for Digital Factory (Orange)

  •  Alten
  •  Oct 2016 - Oct 2019

Missions :
- Junior project manager on the search engine part of the Orange website
(shops and support parts). Gathering and analysing the client needs (Orange Business), monitoring of costs, deadlines and management of a team under hybrid methodology. Challenging my team, suggesting alternatives to the client and making proposals. Integration of Machine Learning for clients intentions detection.
- Web services developer on Djingo project, voice assistant (NLP) including music
management, TV, home automation, SMS, weather applications.
Languages : Java and Python.
Scrum team that evolved to Scaled Agile (SAFe), alternate Scrum Master.
- Design and dev engineer for web products (front and back-end). Deployment of Docker containers integrating data tools : Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.
Creation of data connectors between Web API and Elasticsearch.
Language : Python


Computer Aided Engineering

  •  ESTIA - Ecole Suppérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées
  •  Sep 2013 - Août 2016

2 generalist first years (mechanical design, electricity, software + web development, etc.) and 3rd year CGP (Generalized Product Design) but mainly focused on the Cranfield double degree and an end-of-year group project.

Computer Aided Engineering

  •  Cranfield University
  •  Juil 2012 - Sep 2016

Computational method, C++, Geometric modelling, Advanced engineering analysis, Computing Engineering (Fluids), Computer Graphics, Advanced CAE Applications.